Friday, 8 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday #2

Lavender Dream.

The breeze was gentle and filled with the scents of baby powder and warm milk. Pale lavender petals descended from the clouds, taking their time on the journey down, enjoying the view and eventually coming to rest amongst the rows of wheat in the field. Hidden insects went about their secret business, filling the air with a gentle hum, and children played in the nearby woods, their chatter floating across the countryside.

In the dusty corner of an empty cottage, unseen by man or beast, a dense shadow was starting to form. It was the thick black of lost memories and forgotten dreams, deeper than the deepest cavern and gave off the smell of burning flesh. No one was there to see the shadow grow, but grow it did; thicker and further inside the cottage. The old foundations groaned in their knowing – It had come.

If anyone had cared to look over at that old cottage they would have seen nothing but a dark black stain in the fabric of the world, spreading slowing outwards, growing wider and more rotten before their eyes. However, no one did look and no one did care. 

The world was left to melt away into shadow, unseen by anyone except the petals falling from the clouds.


  1. Well, that's very eerie. :) Well done. I like these stories, especially the contrasts they present.

  2. Thanks very much Isobel :) I'm so glad you're enjoying them x