Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for...

The Invunche are legendary creatures from the folklore of Chile in South America, and they guard the entrances to witches caves.

Legend says that an Invunche is a child who was kidnapped by a witch and hideously transformed into a deformed hairy monster. To make an Invunche the witch would brake one of the child's legs and twist it over his back, apply a cream all over his body which would cause a thick hair to grow and split his tongue to give it a snake-like appearance. They would first feed their Invunche on milk from a cat and eventually on flesh from an adult human.

The Invunche can only communicate by howling and grunting, and walks awkwardly on its hands and one good leg. To gain access to the witches cave the best must either be killed or kissed on its ass.


  1. Oh dear. The picture should have been warning enough.

    That's a wicked witch for certain.

    1. The picture is quite horrid I must say!

      I certainly don't want to meet a witch from Chile any time soon!

  2. So Chilean witches are a friendly lot then?

    I'll bet they don't get all that many visitors.


    1. Haha, they probably don't no. I think I'd choose somewhere else to call in for a cup of tea :)