Monday, 15 April 2013

L is for...

Every forest has its own Leshii who lives deep within the trees with his wife and children. The Leshii normally takes the form of a man with hair and beard of leaves, grass and vines, but he can also take on the shape of any animal or plant. He is the guardian of the forest and protects all the animals living there. The Leshii is not evil but he does enjoy misguiding travellers and leaving them lost within the woods. If he is befriended, however, he will pass on his knowledge of magic.

If there is more than one Leshii in a single forest then they will fight violently to claim the territory as their own, leaving a trail of fallen trees and scared animals. When travelling through the forest it is sensible to take a gift of bread for the Leshii to ward off his troublesome nature.


L is also for LATE.

I had pre-written and scheduled this post for Saturday and then I went away, but apparently it was shy and wanted to stay in hiding. So I apologise for this a-z post being a few days late.

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