Saturday, 11 March 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Annihilation

Title: Annihilation
Author: Jeff VanderMeer
Published by: Fourth Estate
Publication date: 30th July 2015
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

This was a hard one to rate for me.

It would have been a solid 4 stars if the ending had of been better.
With more explanation and finality.

I understand that there are more books in this series and the author may not want to explain things in more detail until later, but I was just left wanting so much more.
needed to know more!

The first 3/4 of the book was so strong.
It was mysterious, dark, scary, confusing (in a good way) and all terribly interesting!
Yet it all seemed to just fizzle out towards the end with a lot of waffle and not much actual explaination.
Lots of big words strung together in a beautiful way masquerading as plot.

I am not fooled you tricksy book! 

And the sections that focused on our main characters marriage were just dull.
Less of that please!

I am as yet unsure about whether or not to carry on with this series...
I desperately want to know the secrets of Area X, but I don't think I can cope if book two has the same amount of explanation as this first instalment. 

Watch this space I guess?


  1. I hate it when a book fizzles out towards the end. It's a shame the author could not go all the way with a good ending.
    I'll watch this space to see if you pick up the sequel. :)

    1. The start was so promising, tense and intriguing. It's a shame it couldn't follow through on my hopes.

  2. I think authors need to remember that even though they want us to wait out until the next book, there still needs to be a certain amount of understanding and explanation given so the reader doesn't feel confused! I am glad you could mostly enjoy this one though :D

    1. The premise was very interesting indeed! And most of it was very good.
      I just wish the end had a bit more information rather than loads about past relationships and long confusing biological explanations.