Wednesday, 15 March 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Black Witch

Title: The Black Witch
Author: Laurie Forest
Published by: Harlequin Teen
Publication date: 2nd May 2017
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley ARC

I just can't with this book. 
I can't. 

I had to stop at 45%. I just couldn't force myself to carry on any further. 
Even getting this far was a struggle. 

This book is sooo problematic. 

I'm aware the author is probably setting it up so that our oh-so-special MC can grow and change and become a better person and probably change the whole bloody world along the way. 
But no. 

It was racist and sexist and just awful. 

Was the author trying to make Lukas Grey seem attractive to the reader?
Because he really just comes across as a privileged, entitled, douche bag. 

When Elloren first meets him he hurries her away to a dark corridor within the first 5 minutes because she's never been kissed and he needs to rectify this right away apparently. 

When Elloren asks him to show her some magic what does he do?
Make some magic flowers for her?
Put on a beautiful, impressive display?
He wraps her up in dark tendrils of magic and pulls her to him forcibly. 

And then later after Elloren has just said she needs to stay away from him and is LITERALLY stepping backwards away from him, he 'binds' her with a spell to pull her closer to him and starts getting all kissy-kissy with her neck and chuckling. 
No, no, no!
She just said no to you dude!
Not okay!

All of the females were bitchy and catty and hating on each other. 

One of the main tensions in the book is Elloren and a nasty, bitchy girl fighting over the terrible Lukas Grey. 

Certain races were slaves, sold him cages, described as 'deranged hordes' and 'half-breeds'. 
Our charming Lukas threatens their families (including a 5 year old child!) because they hurt poor, precious Elloren. 

What with all the racism, classism, arranged marriages, and such I couldn't give this book anymore of my time. 

Not to mention it's incredibly dull and slow. 
Nothing seemed to happen. 
And all that nothing happened at an incredibly slow pace. 
I just didn't care about any of it other than how offensive it is. 

I'm totally aware that Elloren will probably realise the error of her ways at some point in the story. 
But at 45% in I feel like she should already be making strides towards this?
Not still hating everyone of a different race to her and judging other girls for being 'ugly'. 
Come on. 

No thank you.


  1. I've only heard bad things about this book and honestly I have no interest in reading it at all. Ugh to all the racism and problematic romance. What is with that?!? I was only reading a book today where it was apparently "romantic" that a guy was being rude/cruel to a girl and she just wanted to know more about him and just arghhghhh. I wish that trope would DIE. It's so so wrong. I also don't understand why female authors write like this, especially with girl-on-girl hate!?? Why can't we have feministic and uplifting books about badass women!??

    1. I'm happy that more 1 star reviews pointing out all the problems are starting to surface now.
      I'm sure the author didn't mean to cause offence but when it's takes longer than half the book for the MC to realise she's been a terrible person that's not okay.
      I've also heard that it also contains homophobia in the second half, so I'm even more glad that I stopped reading it now! No thank you with that noise.

  2. Wow, this book does sound really awful!
    You cracked my up with how strong you feel about this book, especially when you called Lukas a douche bag! LOL, I love your honesty. :)
    I will stay away from this book too. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Haha :) Thanks!

      If i truly hate a book, I'm really not very good at sugar coating it at all. Not even a little bit.
      It's honestly all the way with me!

  3. Well, this is one of those books I am just never going to read. I know why and see how some authors want to do the whole 'the character changes' thing... but they need to realise they have to at least make the character have some redeemable characteristics even when they are horrible. If they are too horrible, no one wants to read about it!