Saturday, 4 March 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Sea: The Huntress Trilogy #1

Title: Sea
Author: Sarah Driver
Published by: Egmont
Publication date: 6th April 2017
Format: Kindle
Source: ARC

Do you enjoy dangerous adventures on perilous, icy seas? 

Do you like tales of tribes, beasts, tradition and magic?

Do you like reading about epic quests seeped in folklore and myth?

If you do, then you should definitely read this book!

Reading this was like a welcome flashback to my days of reading Philip Pullman. It definitely has the same feel to it.
Maybe it's all the ice, subtle magic and the fact that our main character, Mouse, sort of has her own 'daemon' in the form of her brave sea hawk Thaw-Wielder?

Maybe it's the fact that Mouse is a totally independent, fierce, loyal and brave character?
(How are 13 years olds always this awesome in books?! I'm pretty sure I was pathetic at that age!) 

Whatever it is, this book is wonderful

I felt like I was really there and experiencing everything alongside Mouse. 

I got to sail on The Huntress, dive with merwraiths, cross the seas in the belly of a whale and fight fearsome terrodyls!

As the first book in a trilogy I'm so excited to know that soon I'll be able to travel across the land again with Mouse and her friends. 
I can't wait for more adventures!


  1. OMG, I love Philip Pullman! This book is worth a check if it reminds you of his work...
    I answered yes to all 3 of your questions so I will add this to my TBR.

    Thanks for the recommendation part-time pixie! :)

    1. You are most welcome!
      It definitely had a Pullman vibe to it! Maybe not quite as epic, but awesome just the same :)