Thursday, 6 April 2017

E is for... Eloko

The Eloko are people eating dwarf-like creatures from Africa who live inside hollow trees in the rain forest of central Zaire (Now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo). They are thought to be the ancestors of the people living there and legend says that they exist because they have a grudge to settle with the living.

Eloko are covered in a coat of grass which grows over their face and bodies, and they wear clothes which are made from leaves. Their eyes are said to glow like fire and although they are quite small creatures their jaws can open wide enough to devour an entire grown man.

The vicious Eloko bewitch their victims by ringing magical bells which are impossible to resist and they protect their treasures of game and rare fruits ferociously. Certain amulets can be used to avert the spell of the Eloko, but only professional hunters with magic powers can safely travel through the forest and survive.


  1. Scary critters! I like the dressing in leaves part. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Now I wouldn't want to meet one of those on a dark night, or during the day in fact!
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  3. I'll have an amulet please! I don't think it's a good idea to go through the forest without one. They sound really scary.

  4. And people think "African stories" are all talking animals and cute tricksters... can't wait to get there in my "folktales around the world" challenge! :)

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  5. Zaire???
    Certainly wouldn't want to meet one, but I respect their fashion sense.

  6. awwwweeesoooommmeeeee! i'm in thrall with this creepy guy. he's new to me. wow. it just makes me shiver thinking about that jaw.

  7. Eloko causes goosebumps, too! Can I order an amulet from Amazon.

  8. Those sound like unpleasant little creatures. o.o

  9. Another interesting character....wish I was better at writing fantasy. LOL!

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  10. Bloody hell! I'm crossing Zaire off my 'places to visit' list. Little devils!

  11. I don't think I've ever heard of such creature. This is quite creepy...
    Thanks for sharing.

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